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KodaDot Referral Program

If you have met all the conditions of our referral program, please fill out this form to get rewarded so we can verify your activity.
Your KodaDot profile
Add link to your Twitter
Do you have Telegram? (optional)
What genre/category have you minted?
Since we are rewarding both, you and the person who referred you please fill up his data.
Twitter profile of the person who referred you
His DOT address (we will be verifying his address, in case you write the wrong address, no one will be rewarded)
Your DOT address
Proof that you shared your new collection on your Twitter
How many NFTs/collections do you plan to launch with KodaDot (we can give you the spotlight)
Where are you based? (optional)
Are you interested in promoting your art in our offline gallery events?
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Thank you for participating!
Do you want to earn some extra DOTs? Joining our referral program!
We will carefully review whether you managed to meet the conditions. If all is well, give us some time, your reward will be on its way soon.
In case you have questions, the contact person for artists is Luuu. In the meantime, you can join our Telegram, where you can meet fellow friends, ask questions, or follow our Twitter.