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MetaPrime Raise EOI

Throughout the MetaPrime Journey, we'll aim to enable as many influential and capable members of the DotSama ecosystem to make strategic investments in MetaPrime as possible. We know that there are amazing people out there with who we’re not yet connected and that if we openly invite the ecosystem to invest we’ll drown in messages from anime girls and moonboys. So we created this form (inspired partly by our friends at Talisman) to solicit expressions of interest from our network in a manageable way.

Please share this form as thoughtfully as possible, and only with people who meet at least one of the following descriptions:

1. A legally compliant Polkadot ecosystem focused fund, DAO, angel or investment syndicate.
2. The founder or executive-level team employee in a DotSama ecosystem project
3. A reputable contributor to the DotSama ecosystem project with tangible examples of prior contributions
If you submit this form, please do not follow up with our team about whether you're being considered, we will reach out to those who are considered, and those who aren't will not receive any correspondence. It's overwhelmingly likely that you will not make it into the next round, as we will probably not have more than 20 investors in it.

7. Deals type your fund is investing in