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KodaDot x Basilisk incentivized testing

We have our marketplace up and running on BSX in beta version and we’d love you to test it.

Please fill this short form so we can send you test tokens.
If you find any bugs, please report them to our github repository. We’ll be rewarding those with quality inputs.
We have made a list of all issues already reported. Please always check before you report.

What is your BSX adress?

What's your background?

What's your background?

Discord handle

Twitter profile link

Github account link

Are you on our discord and aware of snek support channel?

Are you on our discord and aware of snek support channel?

What you can test out:

- Royalties
- Make offer
- Buying, minting, selling, casual stuff you are used to
- Feel free to reach out with feedback or questions to the snek channel on KodaDot discord.

Example of the end-to-end testing:

- user lands at beta
- user logs in with his wallet on RMRK/BSX
- user selects create / classic
- user mints new collection
- user mints nft within the minted collection, lists it with XY amount of KSM/BSX
- user checks explore collections and see his minted collection
- user selects his minted collection and can see his minted nft with the listed price
- user tries reacting with emoting to his minted nft
- user can see his reaction on his minted nft// try gifting/burning etc.

Any valuable feedback and end-to-end testing will be rewarded with $KSM!