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KodaDot Weekly Artist Spotlight Application Form 🎨
Hello there artists 😄

At KodaDot, we believe in the power of art to inspire, connect, and transform. Our Weekly Artist Spotlight is not just about showcasing exceptional NFT creators; it's about celebrating the heart and soul of our artistic community.

With this program, we aim to bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts, sharing the stories, motivations, and creative processes that breathe life into these digital masterpieces. We're on a mission to create a space where artists can thrive, collaborate, and connect with a broader audience.

Please kindly fill this form (takes 15 mins max) and our team will reach out to you on Telegram when it is your turn to be posted. Thank you! 💜

For Inquiries
Telegram: @acghifari

Your Telegram/Twitter Handle

Short description of your art/journey (for title):