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Onchain Art Day Exhibition: Application form for generative artists

The event will take place on May 24th during Berlin Blockchain Week 2024. In w3.hub in Berlin, KodaDot will participate in the Onchain Art Day Exhibition. The goal of the event is to connect artists, collectors, enthusiasts, and crypto peeps. We are preparing a rich program full of exciting speakers, interesting projects, and key players in the art scene in Berlin.
The exhibition is curated by Koda, Office Impart, and other participants, and we encourage interested artists to apply using this form. The Call is open from 18th April to 20th May, and submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis during this period. Successful applicants will be contacted on or before 20th May.

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Will you participate in person? - 24th of May (Berlin)

Will you participate in person? - 24th of May (Berlin)
Artists that are able to come in person will have an opportunity to do live mint, have short talk or participate in any other way - if interested.


The artist will have to prepare to launch with KodaDot on Polkadot or Base. The collection size must be long-form generative art, 32, 64, or 128 NFTs. Depending on the size of the collection, each artist will receive a small onboarding bonus—a financial reward. Minting fees will be covered. Artists who already minted with KodaDot, don't need to start a new project.
Be in touch with our Artist Relations Manager @Just_Luuuu, who will help you with everything and will guide you through the process.
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Selected artists will be contacted after filling the form.