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KodaDot Ambassador apply form

We are expanding our use base therefore we are looking for passionate ambassadors who would like to build our community with us. All info regarding ambassadors can be found in our documentation.
Make sure to read it before you ask any questions.

Your twitter profile link

Your discord handle

Your KSM address

What is your focus while using KodaDot?

Have you stumbled upon any struggles while using KodaDot?

What would you like to see us implement on KodaDot?

What do you like about KodaDot and what would you improve?

What incentives would you add for KodaDot for community members?

Have you visited our KodaDot documentation before?

Have you visited our KodaDot documentation before?

What will happen afterwards?

Once you submit a form, we will take time to evaluate your humble and honest inputs.
We will contact you if you are fit to become KodaDot ambassador.